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A roof made from Western Red Cedar or Alaskan Yellow Cedar Shakes has
long been perceived as top quality and a very popular choice on homes and
commercial buildings designed to blend in to the natural surroundings.   

Generally, shakes are split straight or at an angle from a block of cedar, either
by hand or by using powered equipment, which exposes at least one highly
textured natural grain surface and are generally thicker than Shingles, which
are sawn.  

Shakes can be used on roofs with a minimum 4/12 pitch and should be installed
using nails or staples that are rust resistant.   Pre-manufactured caps for hips
and ridges, as well as
factory applied fire and/or pressure treatments are
available to save time on the job site and extend the life of your roof.
Besides the beauty it provides,
cedar shake roofing also offers
a very high insulation value,
which will help your building
stay cooler in the summer and
warmer in the winter.
roofing shakes
950 B Fountain Street
Burlington, WA  98233
(360) 757-6343
Toll Free (866) 757-6343
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