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Recovered Materials
We are extremely pleased to have partnered with a
logging and saw mill specialist to salvage old growth
Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir from non-living sources
Loggers and Old Growth Cedar Tree
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950 B Fountain Street
Burlington, WA  98233
(360) 757-6343
Toll Free (866) 757-6343
Our specialists hike across miles of rugged hillsides to
locate suitable material for salvage in Pacific Northwest
forests from historic logging operations, windfalls and
other “dead and down” sources in a manner that
respects the forests we value and depend on.
Only hand held tools (chainsaws, axe, PV, wedges and
rope slings) are used to prepare the fir and cedar slabs
and blocks for removal.  Small helicopters are then
employed to move the materials to existing roads for
transportation.  No ground-disturbing equipment is used.
Western Red Cedar raw slabs, timbers, blanks and shingles, as well
finished products in Douglas Fir readily available.  
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Stump bases, less sound material and root wads are left intact to continue serving
important ecological and habitat purposes.